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mulakan dengan

Friday, October 08, 2010

post 10~dun know!!! +_+

i dunt know wat is my feeling now~~
totally, im really scared about PSPM that will coming soon..
hopefully that i can face it very well and i will get the best result that i can get.. ^_^
the 4 flat is totally far away from my target..
i cant get that pointer bcoz, i have certain2 subject i cantthe "power"~!!
one of the subject is exactly PHYSICS !!
OMG~~~ how i want to get "power" in this all subject???

what im feel now??
im feeling dat im really2 in "sick"
now, i cant state that what is in my heart [deep from my heart]~~ =,=
am i want "it"??
am i need "it" ??
is "it" know about it??
its okey if "it" dont know bout it..
now, i dont want to involve in it yet..
just my feeling-- dont know where its go when i face "it"
i can face "it"...but i will 'serve' "it" not as i 'serve' other~~
omg!! what is totally going on to me now???
i really in blur now...
what ever la~~~ 
haahaahahahaahahaa ^_^

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