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Sunday, October 10, 2010

post 12~crying crying n crying

today i cant study at all...
i do not know why..
i sms my mom..

"ma along xleh study laaa.."
"xse.. along nk stdy bnyak lagi topic hk nk kna cover"
"along bru jah lepas mndi sknim.."
"xleh nk smaye dhuha dh la maso nim  gap..along xyah dok stdy laa..
bo dok ngadap buku tuh,baca2 quran ko gapo ko...
along sero gapo??"
"along sero nk jerit"

then i cry as i can..
at first, i juz cry very slow coz i dont want my mom heard my tears..
then..after talking for 2 to 3 minutes, 
the tears is started to spread!!
aku meraung seperti org yang tak sedarkan diri..
aku bgtau mak aku yg aku x bole buat semua ni..
then mak aku bg kekuatan kat aku mengatakn aku bole hadapi semua ini..
and mengatakn bahawa dya kenal aku mcm mna..
pasti aku bole buat..
mak aku ckap...
"along xyah dok pk pasal ma lah..xyah dok mk ke harapan ma ko gapo ko, xyah !!
along juz wat hk along mampu wat..jgn wat tekan2 gtuh..nnti jd blur..
jdi jem palo otok jadi gtuh gap, xleh nak wat gapo dh la.."

it takes time about half an hour i crying on the phone...
my eyes become swollen..
my eyes is really sensitive with tears, it will become swollen if im crying..

in time my mom calling me, my frens arew calling me, i cant do anything at that time
i just can see their name appear on the screen of my phone..
1 miscall from izzat
1 miscall from saufi
4 miscall from zulaika
im so sorry u guys..
i cant answer ur phone at that time..
i think, my be u guys r worried bout me coz
i juz leave "our study port" like that
without any sign or permission..
im so so sorry..

after that, i got 1 call from izzat calling me to eat..heeheehee
eating???my heart become "flowering" when i heard the word EAT @ MAKAN
i cant stand with it.. im such a big stomach girl..heeheehee ^_^
that is one of my weakness..
when i sad,or tension, or my emotion is disturbed,
i will eat as much as i can swallow and as much my stomach can receive it..
eeeh...macam inbox plak nk kna receive2..haahaahaa

now, im already ok after i have sleep for 2 hour in the afternoon : 3 p.m until 5 p.m
my intention, i want to get up on 4 p.m coz i juz only want to sleep for one hour.
buat it become extended to 2 hours.
and im also ok after i have eat.. heeheehee
 i have eat  KFC that ika n me 'order' from izzat.
i order the DINNER PLATE..
but, my stomach is so small today.
i cant finish up the dinner plate.
usually, i can finish it up whitin in 1 to 2 hour only [its counted fast eater as a girl]
but today i cant finish it up at all..
so, i give it to my fren, ezze..

~~thats all for today~~

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